Côte Basque

With great surfing and great food, this is the new place to be.

Frequented by smart French families for generations and now a hot spot for surfers, the Côte Basque is both vibrant and beautiful and has a whole lot to offer.

Biarritz is a ‘Grande Dame’ in her own right: majestic, glamorous and with one of the best food markets anywhere in France. Go for your daily shop and stop for tapas and a glass of wine in one of the many bars around the marché, nip around the chic shops, then watch the surfers on the magnificent Plage des Basques.

The length of the coast is dotted with cute surfing spots such as Guéthary and Bidart, all featuring trendy eateries, beach restaurants and some low-key, cool night life.

In 30 minutess from Biarritz you are in Spain’s San Sebastian, with its world-famous tapas, Michelin Star restaurants, cobblestone old town, great beaches, markets and shops. Or head up into the foothills of the Pyrénées where even more great restaurants are to be found.

Ocean View

Côte Basque, France
Sleeps: 12
Price Guide: From €8,500 to €17,700 per week

Maison Martin

Côte Basque, France
Sleeps: 17
Price Guide: From €10,950 per week

Maison de la Plage

Côte Basque, France
Sleeps: 4 + 2 children
Price Guide: On request

Villa Suska

Côte Basque, France
Sleeps: 8 + 6
Price Guide: From €19,000 per week