Chic, bustling and gorgeous.

Capri rises majestically from the sea with stunning views everywhere you look. A famous tourist destination during the day, the ‘trippers’ depart early evening leaving Capri to become itself again: magical, mysterious, intimate and romantic.

The winding streets of Capri Town are a shopper’s paradise full of enticing shops with an eclectic mix of haute couture fashion, Italian cashmere, beautiful shoes and jewellery stores. Dotted with great restaurants, bars and cafés, the town stays open until late.


During the day those in the know head to the famous beach clubs of the island for sunbathing and a late lunch. Early booking is a must.

Capri is not for the faint hearted as walking is one of the main forms of transport and many of the villas are hidden down tiny meandering lanes and up dozens of flights of steps. There are of course the ubiquitous open-top taxis and the cute buses but they can only take you so far.

Villa Arco

Capri, Italy
Sleeps: 12
Price Guide: On request

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